Manufacturer of Precision Closure Inspection Equipment

Food Instrument Corporation (FIC) was incorporated in 1965 by company President Richard V. Kudlich to provide precision closure inspection equipment for laboratory and quality control analysis for the canning industry. From an austere beginning, FIC has steadily grown in size, scope and volume. Laboratory instrument applications were quickly followed by customer requests for on line, automated instruments to improve product quality and process efficiency. Initial on line instruments proved successful and gained widespread demand in the Food & Beverage processing community.

Specifically, the exceptional demand for the original ADR (Automatic Deflection Rejecter) led to company expansion, growth and widespread recognition for reliable, easily used, accurate equipment at competitive, market leading pricing, augmented by a relentless pursuit of quality in products and customer service.

Since then, FIC has been engaged in the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of automated equipment for the online detection and removal of containers with defective closures for more than thirty five years. Our staff designed and was granted patents for the first successful online instruments to offer food and beverage processors protection against improperly sealed or leaking containers. We continue to improve our products to meet the changing needs of the industry and to incorporate the advancing technology of food processing and packaging.

Our quality control monitoring equipment is used all over the world, by every size and type of food processor on virtually every size, shape and composition container. Closure inspection continues to remain the core interest and company orientation. Our concentrated focus on the quality of our equipment and customer service has resulted in successful accomplishments in the Food and beverage industry along with the introduction of new models, which like the original ADR, establish new standards for inspection precision, ease of operation and features, and a facility sized to accommodate the growing needs of the company, customers and products well into the 21st century.

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