Mechanical Vacuum Leak Detector

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Equipment Function Synopsis

The ADR (Automatic Deflection Rejector) series of instruments developed by Food Instrument Corporation uses the basic principal of measuring the deflection of the metal lid via electromagnetic, electro-mechanical proximity sensing. Microprocessor-based electronics, preprogrammed to the selected parameters, determine the quality assurance level desired. Elimination of defects is accomplished by means of an air-ram/solenoid rejector mounted online firing bad product containers into a carry-off bin or conveyor.

Each processed container will normally develop a vacuum (in some applications, pressure), which will be consistent for all same-configuration containers under consistent process conditions. This vacuum or pressure will cause the lid to draw in (or bulge) a distance proportional to the difference in internal pressure and outside atmospheric pressure.

The upper and/or lower limits for an acceptable range of deflection can then be calculated. All product containers falling outside these preset limits will be removed from the conveyor processing line.

Total Quality Management can then be employed using customer defined Statistical Process Control parameters enabling Continuous Quality Improvement. Unacceptable quality product may result from any number of deviations in the manufacturing process. Reliable removal of defective product is a must in today's consumer-driven market economy.

Virtually all name-brand food & beverage processors insist upon making these quality checks during processing rather than risk waiting until the process is finished and containers have temperature stabilized (or finished incubation period). Corrective action can be implemented immediately if excessive rejects occur or such functions as the rolling average program are utilized and monitored to alert operating personnel to manufacturing and production deviations in real time.

In these times of lean human resources, manufacturing facilities demand nothing less. Our manufactured equipment comes standard with a NEMA Type 6 Rating water proof electronics enclosure designed to withstand CIP (Clean in Place) wash down procedures. In addition we provide a remote configuration in which the control panel is located in our locking stainless steel & windowed NEMA Type 4X rating sealed-cabinet. This remote configuration minimizes unit exposure to extreme environments while maintaining immediate access to instrument operation.

    This total quality control lid seal integrity equipment enables each processor to meet their own high quality standards & the demanding requirements of today's consumer driven food market place. FIC has climbed to the top, succeeding as one of the top manufacturers of quality control monitoring equipment.

    Service and Repair

    FIC will provide in plant installation and also classes on setup, maintenance and operation of our equipment.  Please call or email us for pricing on our service visits.

    All units can be sent back to us for testing and repair.  No RMA is required.  Please send all repairs to:

    Food Instrument Corporation
    115 Academy Avenue
    Federalsburg, MD  21632

    We do ask that when you send your unit in for repair that  your contact name and also information on what the symptoms are would accompany your unit for a quicker turnaround.


    Food Instrument Corporation - Academy and Park Avenues - Federalsburg, Maryland 21632   email: