Programmable Mechanical Vacuum Leak Detector

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ADR-50DU Advanced Ultrasonic Closure Monitors

The ADR-50DU is the newest to our ADR-50D lines.  It has an ultrasonic sensor that will identify and reject all common mechanical and process related defects such as missing & misapplied lids, low/high internal pressure or vacuum deviations, knocked down flanges, "leakers", "swells", etc.

Is a non-contact detector that does not use the Reference Strip (Ware Strip). Accurate on-line inspection and control of container vacuum, pressure and leak defects on can, glass, PET and composite container lines. The ADR-50DU Universal Closure Monitors provide automated operation on-line data analysis and exceptional performance accuracy. Standard systems resolve all container inspection and control requirements for closures of 2 to 6-1/4 ( 50mm to 165mm ) inches in diameter. High speed can or bottle line lane selector for simple single container removal to pull tab or two piece random can orienting. Can be used on metallic and non-metallic lids. The ADR-50DU is ideal for low acid canning where swelling lids could be a problem.


  • Non-Contact.
  • Metallic and non-metallic lids.
  • Advanced Microprocessor-based Digital Electronics with Multiple Point Deflection Sensing/Profiling.
  • Automatic Container Calibration.
  • 3 Integrated Counters providing total containers processed, rejected and net throughput.
  • Automatic Reject Synchronization (Automatic Change in Line Speed Compensation Providing Precise Reject Synchronization).
  • Programmable Memory for up to 100 containers or individual product calibrations.
  • Rolling Average process Trend Analysis with digital LCD readout & visual LED status displays, visual (LED) display at process excursions out side of acceptable parameters.
  • Operations Security: multilevel, programmable Password controlled access for individuals or group.
  • Tiered operation Menu with simplified, 7 key membrane control panel operation, Separate dedicated Rejector Operation Controls.
  • Large, bright backlit 80 Character LCD Main Display.
  • Independent LED's indicate active: Position Sense, Reject, Rolling Average and Data Link.
  • Self Diagnosis capabilities.
  • Internal Battery prevents file and data loss at source power interruption.
  • Infrared Position Sensors use a fixed mounting system, centered to the sense probe axis and require no readjustment to individual container or closure diameter.
  • Micro-Adjustable Sense Probe Positioning.
  • Self-contained instrument mounts directly to customer's conveyor, instrument housing/sensors and control panel supported over the conveyor with stainless steel "cane".
  • Stainless steel instrument housing, black hard-coat anodized aluminum mounting brackets, NEMA Type 6 Rating Waterproof Electronics Enclosure.
  • Handwheel Height Adjustment System.
  • Standard Speed Rejector ejects defects off line. Maximum recommended rejector line speed is 800 cpm. Higher speed rejectors available for up to 2000 cpm.
  • Installation Operation manual with Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Specifications:
    • Required Line Space: 18 inches (460mm)
    • Online Housing Dimensions: 11-3/4" x 10-1/4" x 6-1/2" (300mm x 260mmx 165mm)
    • Electric Power: 90/264VAC @ 1A, single phase, 50/60Hz
    • Air: 80-120 psi @ 0.3 c.f.m.; (5.4-8.2 atm)
    • Air Cylinder: 1-1/2" (29mm) bore x 1" (25mm) stroke
    • Shipping weight: 61 lb. (27kg.) Export: 88 lb. (40kg.)
    • ADR-50DU Manual


  • ADR-50C2D = ADR-50C convert to the ADR-50D
  • ADR-50C2DU = ADR-50C convert to the ADR-50DU
  • ADR-50D2DU = ADR-50D convert to the ADR-50DU
Contact you representative in you area or contact us at Food Instrument Corporation.  You send us your monitor without cane and lifter and we will convert it to what you want.  Average lead time is one week from the time we receive your unit to time of shipping.

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