Small Diameter Sensor for Metal Lid Containers

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Bantam Sensing Module

The Bantam Sensing Module (BSM) is designed to measure the vacuum/pressure of containers with small diameter metal lids via lid deflection sensing. The BSM can be substituted/interchanged for the Standard Sensing module of the ADR-50CR Remote Universal Closure Monitor and the ADR-50DR remote Advanced Universal Closure Monitor.

Unlike most detectors, the Bantam is not affected by non-concentric tops or by droops. It will reliably detect and reject cocked caps. Each bottle is precisely positioned by the Bantam before testing. This will minimize errors of reading caused by conveyor vibration, bottle height or diameter variation, or uneven flat-top chain.

Changeover is quick and easy. A single control sets the guide rails for a change of container diameter. Raise or lower the Sensor Head when changing container height. The ADR-50DR/DB allows you to store the settings for up to 100 containers, so that the push of a button recalls the setting for each individual container type.

The Bantam is ideal on lines with demanding quality and process control parameters, frequent changeovers, and those requiring exceptional performance and efficiency.



  • Integrated Guide Rails
  • Adjustable Position Sensors
  • Lead In Strip
  • Floating Sensor Pad
  • Enhanced Sense Probe
  • "Quick-Connect" Docking Port
  • "Windowed" Stainless Steel Housing
  • Non-concentric tops centered
  • Sense Every Container Profile
  • Prepositions Sense Probe
  • Mirrors container configuration
  • Unparalleded Accuracy
  • Interchangeable/Easy Access
  • "See" Operation & Set-up


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